Our team’s goal for creating this site was to introduce an analytical Internet-resource that would be useful for newbies, as well as pro hosting users. The industry of hosting services includes site publication and efficiency. It’s a complex world. Webhostingw.com creators are specialists who have been studying the sphere of hosting providing for many years.

During this period we’ve seen how much false information about hosting companies can be found on the Internet. It’s not always a lie, most just evade the disadvantages or exaggerate the advantages, or use the term inappropriately. Such inaccuracies can confuse a beginner. Information on our site is always based on the following principle:

  1. Our conclusions and recommendations
  2. Proof by facts and statistics
  3. Description of data collecting and processing

Not everyone who decided to create a personal blog at WordPress would want to go deeper into technical details of web servers. For those who want fast results webhostingw.com has ready-made conclusions and recommendations. Visitors of our site who just want to find a good hosting and not go into details can find a provider from our rating list. Each hosting is located in the ranking according to the results of our comprehensive assessment of prices, technical features, feedback and our observation of actual sites hosted by these companies. If you want to find out more details see the table of money plans of all hosting companies from the rating.

For professionals and people who are interested in hosting details we prepared lots of analytical information. We studied money plans characteristics of different hosting companies, sorted out the meaning of each technical feature, studied the terms of service, rules of payment and refunding, observed the uptime of hundreds of sites. We made the tech support go crazy after three months of constant checks, analysing their reply speed, English language level, politeness and competence via phone, livechat and e-mail. We found and analysed hundreds of user comments on different sites. You don’t have to check the verity of our information – we honestly described how we collected data, which criteria we used and how we processed it.

On our site users will find the results of this work in form of summary tables, charts, records, our conclusions and recommendations.