Best Web Hosting Services 2015

With WebHosting Watch you won't be overwhelmed by cheap hosting companies. We give you top ten American hosts as they are, without catchy phrases and ad-campaigns, doubting every word said by the companies official websites.

Recommendations are supported by analytical conclusions based on the statistics collected during the 7 months of intensive research.
Watch has naked facts ready - to make the right choice today.

(Last Update 20 March 2014)

Price Month/
Tech Support
Real Uptime
Verified User/
Editor Reviews
Hosting as you need
30 Days
Est. 2015
1,453,265 sites
93% Satisfied
4/5 Reply Rate
99.80% uptime

3.88 wk. hours down
Blue Host
WordPress Hosting
30 Days
Est. 2003
1,863,974 sites
93% Satisfied
4/5 Reply Rate
99.80% uptime

3.88 wk. hours down
Host Clear
contemporary hosting
30 Days
Est. 2015
269,487 sites
91% Satisfied
4/5 Reply Rate
99.30% uptime

4.36 wk. hours down
Idea Host
hosting of you mind
30 Days
Est. 2015
326,169 sites
91% Satisfied
4/5 Reply Rate
99.2% uptime

4.26 wk. hours down
Host Gator
Largest Hosting
45 Days
Est. 2002
2,145,955 sites
92% Satisfied
3/5 Reply Rate
99.39% uptime

2.42 wk. hours down
Google Services
30 Days
Est. 2002
416,275 sites  
78% Satisfied
3/5 Reply Rate
99,88% uptime

13.80 wk. hours down

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Our visitors don't need to study each of the 49 hosting companies to choose one. We spent hours and done it for you (worth $). Our visitors don't need to study customer feedback. We analyzed 5,635

user reviews according to Feedback Moderation Guide. Now that we conducted a careful examination of the hosting industry, we can explain all the technical details, ToS niceties and payment nuances.

Web Hosting Prices Compared

Pros look for recomendations from friends. Beginner shared hosting users look for the price first. If it's not damn cheap, it will not do. Only the cheapest host companies will! Usually the monthly cost, be it $1.99 or $4.95, depends on the duration of payment, a 3 years maximum. Get autocharged yearly by PayPal or Credit Card and remember about the money-back guarantee while it lasts!

Web Hosting Feature Chart

No two features are the same, companies were tested by 108 parameters: Free With Hosting Plans, E-Commerce Features, E-mail Features, Script And Applications, Website Statistics, Marketing Tools. Free .com domain? Web site migration help? FAQ? AWStats or $100 google ad credits? Building a bulletin board? Dedicated IP for SEO?

Bandwidth and Disk Space

Compare plans, cross your fingers and your toes, take a deep breath and dive right in because there is no such thing as "unlimited" hosting. Yes, we use affiliate links, but no paid priorities, paid posts or pay to delete. And we know which features are essential (features of content management system or multiple domains) and which is just bells and whistles.

Load Time and Site Uptime

We spent months to make a scientific hosting services reliability comparison. We used & to track 2000 client websites and found out the best web host uptime is not always 100% and on a crashed server can reach hours and even days of downtime monthly. Sceptic? Historical charts backed up by double checking on Be warned!

Customer Tech Support

When something is wrong with a hosting provider, you need nothing but a stellar support. Two cases happen most offen. If server goes down - you call them. Every time a client screws something up himself - they should be fast and friendly and get it sorted out. Answering every single email and not putting live chat on hold is a must, but does every provider manages to?

Web Hosting Control Panels

For a rookie user simplicity means how quickly one can build a website, upload it to a host, and begin to advertise and attract visitors via SEO or PPC. What is user-friendliness?! Admin panel interface (cPanel, Plesk vs vDeck), plus pre-made design template gallery (usually of no real interest) or a web site builder (Weebly vs RVsitebuilder).

Top 10 webhosting

Don't fall for the "unlimited" marketing trick. Best web hosting services don't try to fool a customer on a fraudulent top 10 site. We spent weeks. We did not slept. We rarely ate.

And yes, we have hunted tech support engineers on a web safari. We know the truth and are willing to share methodology, test, graps and analysis. Still got questions? WHT forum might have an answer.